The Brothers Paranormal [2019]

Two Thai-American brothers launch a ghost-hunting business in order to capitalize on the nationwide increase in sightings of "Asian-looking ghosts." 

Jukebox Stories [2006]

Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam [2008]

Jukebox Stories: The Secrets of Forking [2013]
A critically acclaimed storytelling, song-singing, bingo-playing theatrical extravaganza that features storyteller/playwright Prince Gomolvilas and singer/songwriter Brandon Patton.

The Fabulous Adventures of Captain Queer [2006]​
After he gets bitten by a radioactive ladybug, a high school nerd is transformed into a superhero and must save the world from a diabolical plot hatched by Reginald Screamingbottom, the leader of an ex-gay ministry, and Doctor Octopussy, his nefarious sidekick.

Mysterious Skin [2003]​
Based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim, this searing drama follows the story of an 18-year-old in Kansas searching for the answers behind the traumatic events of his childhood.

Boyz of All Nationz: The Rise and Fall of a Multi-Ethnic Boy Band [2002]​​ [link forthcoming]
A bubblegum ride behind the scenes of a groundbreaking group that (almost) took the world by storm. 

Bee [2001] [link forthcoming]
The fascinating story of an Asian-American man, who is invisible, and an African-American woman, who is the only person who can see him. 

Debunking Love [2000]​ [link forthcoming]
An Asian-American sex comedy.

The Theory of Everything [2000] [link forthcoming]
Seven Asian Americans (Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese) gather atop a Las Vegas wedding chapel every week for a UFO watch.

Seat Belts and Big Fat Buddhas [1999] [link forthcoming]
This metaphysical comedy explores the lives of people immersed in today's growing self-help movement.

Big Hunk o' Burnin' Love [1998] [link forthcoming]
Because of a strange family curse, a Thai-American man must get married before his thirtieth birthday or he is doomed to spontaneously combust.