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​The Fabulous Adventures of Captain Queer [2006]


a play by Prince Gomolvilas


After he gets bitten by a radioactive ladybug, a high school nerd is transformed into a superhero. Donning a skintight costume complete with a rainbow cape, he must save the world from a diabolical plot hatched by Reginald Screamingbottom, the leader of an ex-gay ministry; Doctor Octopussy, his nefarious sidekick; and Gustav Lederhosen, a former Nazi war criminal who mentors them both. And when the hot high school jock gets carted away to the villians' underground lair, Captain Queer will stop at nothing to come to the rescue. Will good overcome evil? Do superheroes stuff? And what's better when you're wearing tights—boxers or briefs? All these questions will be answered in this rollicking comedy in which even good taste is in danger.​


"Prince Gomolvilas lets his considerable imagination go off the charts in his latest play. There are so many jokes built into Queer that on opening night the audience could barely keep up with the hilarity; some satirical witticisms and sight gags slipped between the cracks. Charmingly zany! The show generates consistent, and well-earned, yuks."

"Gomolvilas peppers his comic-strip satire with a steady flow of playfully pervy images that give an edge to what could have been an elongated sketch. A loosey-goosey comic take on the Spider-Man saga. Slap-happy!"
Bay Area Reporter

"Unabashedly silly, Prince Gomolvilas's latest play benefits greatly from its cast, who throw themselves into the absurdity with gleeful abandon. Pop-cultural figures, anti-gay propaganda groups, and any notions of refined theater are all spanked repeatedly. It isn't exactly in good taste, but it doesn't matter—everything here is still easy to swallow."

"Superman, shmuperman. There's a new superhero in town, and he's unlike any you've seen before. He's Captain Queer, faster than a speeding wisecrack and able to leap tall stereotypes with a single bound. Gomolvilas is a funny writer who knows his way around a quip. The right kind of comic spirit, a nice blend of sarcasm and hopeful innocence."
The Oakland Tribune

"The level of social commentary in Prince Gomolvilas's script transcends the unashamedly corny nature of this comedy. Non-stop laughs!"
San Francisco Bay Times

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Queer Hero

San Francisco Chronicle on June 11, 2006


2003 Commissioned by New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, California

2005 First draft written

2006 World premiere production at New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, California, directed by Arturo Catricala and featuring Jeffrey Cohlman, Christin Davis, Donovan Keith, Markham Miller, Dennis Parks, and Heidi Wolff